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Tewa Leah Music x G.R.I.E.V.E INC.



"All We Need Is  Love" Fundraiser

Tewa Leah Music partnered with nonprofit organization, Grieving Relatives In Every Violent Event (G.R.I.E.V.E), to help raise funding for their 2021 Youth Education Summit, programs, and operations. The G.R.I.E.V.E organization supports individuals and families have lost loved ones to violent events, providing mental health counseling services, financial support, and other support services. The organization also educational awareness events and youth programs. G.R.I.E.V.E provides an array of free support services. The organization needs your support, 50% of the proceeds earned from the digital download of "All We Need Is Love" will be donated to the organization.  Please visit to learn more about the organizaiton.

All We Need Is Love - Tewa Leah
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-Verse 1

Take me to a place I have never been
Dug up all the glorious treasures
Focus on the hate and you'll never will
Staring face to face with the devil 
Oh, love
Who are you to tell me who to love? (love)
I don't tell you how to love (love)
just love (give love)
just love , be love

-Chorus 2x

All we need it love 
All we need it love 
All we need it love (love)


-Verse 2
Take me to a love that will last forever
Withstands, the weather
In perfect Harmony
Borrow my lens cause all I see is
Just be you, only you, we are god's love
Who made you? who made you yea, you my judge?

Just kill em with love

(-Chorus 2x)


Imma do me, imma be me--Can't nobody tell me nothing 

Imma love you, Imma love me--but we gotta love each other

ONE love, ONE world, ONE pace, ONE race, JUST LOVE-GOD'S LOVE

-Chorus 2x